EM031: November 2009


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Electronica Monthly


Remember, remember... new tracks for November. Full tracklisting is as follows:- 00:08-02:06 Esem - B~ckbook 02:06-05:51 Esem - All this empty space does my head 05:51-10:23 Esem - A sound of halo 10:23-15:27 Abyssal Plains - Sugar Rush 15:27-22:45 Federsen - Pollenation 22:45-25:41 Alka - Blueberry 25:41-28:56 Alka - Lucent For information about the podcast, featured artists, or to purchase any of the featured songs, go to http://www.electronicamonthly.com Please send any demos to demos@electronicamonthly.com Any questions/feedback to feedback@electronicamonthly.com