Enas Gebaly, Nosa's Bakery


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Florida Foodie


The pandemic hit Enas Gebaly and her family hard. Her husband lost his job and it prevented Gebaly from traveling to see her family, who still lives in Egypt. For her, cooking became a way to feel connected with her family and her home country. Food also became a way for Gebaly to help her family in Florida, her husband and her children. After her husband lost his job, Gebaly was told about Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program. Gebaly was shocked to find out that she only needed to fill out some paperwork and she was all set to join the program “and the magic happened.” She said that Second Harvest taught her everything she needed to know “to be professional.” With her newfound confidence and business acumen, Gebaly started Nosa’s Bakery. The business takes orders from its Facebook page and Gebaly uses Second Harvest’s kitchen to prepare the baked goods. Gebaly said she likes to mix cultures with her baking in hopes of helping to bring people together around a shared meal. In the latest episode of Florida Foodie, Gebaly talks more about her experience with Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program. She also talks about her family in Egypt and what her plans for the future are.