Ep. 110: Old In The 90's - What Were They Thinking?


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InObscuria Podcast


Transmission 1991: Danger! Danger! The Dinosaurs are at severe risk of extinction unless they can quickly evolve into a down-tuned, depressed, dirgy, dirty, flannel-wearing anti-dinosaur! Living fossils that once rocked stadiums with shredding guitars, spandex, lipstick, and hair spray have purchased wah-wah pedals and must sing about something other than their love pumps! Listen with extreme caution, as they will surely collapse under the weight of their folly. You have been warned... Whatever…What’s this InObscuria thing? We’re a podcast that exhumes obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal and puts them in one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. This time around we are bringing you the most lost of the lost. These are songs and albums by artists you know that the artists themselves have tried to lock away and bury! This is the continuation of our series that explores what happens to the dinosaurs when they attempt to follow trends…Songs this week include:Warrant - “Family Picnic” from Ultraphobic (1995)L.A. Guns - “Long Time Dead” from Vicious Circle (1993)2wo - “Stutter Kiss” from Voyeurs (1997)Dangerous Toys - “Cure The Lane” from The R*tist 4*merly Known as Dangerous Toys (1995)The Cult - “Coming Down (Drug Tongue)” from The Cult (1994)Dokken - “Puppets On A String” from Shadowlife (1997)Krunk - “Bent” from Greatest Hits (1997)Danger Danger - “Helicopter” from Dawn (1995)Please subscribe everywhere that you listen to podcasts!Visit us: https://inobscuria.com/https://www.facebook.com/InObscuriahttps://twitter.com/inobscuriahttps://www.instagram.com/inobscuria/Buy cool stuff with our logo on it!: https://www.redbubble.com/people/InObscuria?asc=uIf you want to hear Robert and Kevin’s band from the late 90s – early 00s BIG JACK PNEUMATIC, check it out here: https://bigjackpnuematic.bandcamp.com/Check out Robert’s amazing fire sculptures and metal workings here: http://flamewerx.com/If you’d like to check out Kevin’s band THE SWEAR, take a listen on all streaming services or pick up a digital copy of their latest release here: https://theswear.bandcamp.com/