Ep. 14 with Chris Fields, Oklahoma City Bombing


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Over a Cup


In 1995, firefighter Chris Fields become famous for a photo that was taken on an infamous day. At the Oklahoma City Bombing, Chris was photographed holding the body of 1 year Baylee Almon who had been murdered in the explosion. That picture would go on to win the Pulitzer Prize.  Chris talks to us about the moments surrounding that picture and about how the bombing was the catalyst that forced him to deal with years of unprocessed trauma he had been dealing with. He talks to us about what led him to rock bottom and the turning point that got him to where he is today. In Clinician’s Corner, Dr. Anne Bisek talks to us about the difference between a critical call and a traumatic one. To learn more about our product sponsor, Fire Department Coffee visit their site here: https://www.firedeptcoffee.com/ Please use caution while looking at our social media for this episode as we included the two pictures of Chris with Baylee.