Ep. 20 with Feike van Dijk, firefighter who lost 2 of his children in a house fire


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Over a Cup


In this powerful 20th episode, Ali speaks with Wyoming firefighter Feike van Dijk. In 2014, Feike and his wife Noelle lost 2 of their 5 children in a house fire. Less than a year after this tragedy, Feike felt that he wanted to give back to the community who had supported their family. He also wanted to overcome the demon of fire that had terrorized their family. He accomplished both by becoming a firefighter. Feike tells us how empowering firefighting has been for him and the relationship he’s gained with the responders who showed up to his house on that fateful night. Feike tells us about his two boys Noah and Zephy that died and the long recovery journey of his then 9 month old, Remy. Remy was burned over 35% of his body and was in a coma for 24 days. Feike tells us about the moment Remy woke up in the hospital and smiled for the first time. This image of Remy smiling for the first time can be viewed on our social media. Feike talks to us about the ability that we all have to make a choice in moments of tragedy or hardship, that we can choose how we respond and react. His story is heartbreaking but empowering at the same time and is so powerful for all first responders. In Clinician’s Corner Dr. Bisek tells us how to incorporate family into our therapy sessions. A big thank you to our product sponsor Nyad Inc! If you or someone you know would like to apply for a Nyad sponsored scholarship to access the On the Job & Off educational platform, email ali@onthejobandoff.com.