Ep 232 Hawkeye Episode 5 and Spider-Man No Way Home SPOILERS


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SPOILERSOn today’s show the guys shop talk about Disney+ Hawkeye, Episode 5 and a little know project called Spider-Man No Way Home! Their shocking ends and what they could mean for the MCU. SPOILERS if you have not seen Hawkeye or Spider-Man No Way Home. Our theories and discussion took us all over the MCU. Erik and Roman have been so busy lately and we apologize for our lack of episodes. We really wanted to talk about episode 5 before the finale, so I hope our theories are really right or really wrong!Thank you all for watching and listening. I have opened a new comic book store, REC Comics and Collectibles, in Colorado Springs. A lot of what we chat about on the show, we would talk in the shop. We hope you’re enjoying the show and that you’ll come visit us at7679 North Union BlvdColorado Springs, CO80920Let us know what you think of the show.DM us on Instagram @recpodcast for questions, comments or show ideas.Erik and Roman are two, lifelong friends that love to talk about movies, comic books, action figures and all things pop culture. We want to bring comic book shop talk to you!