Ep 31: Innovation at global companies only serves the niche


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Storm the Norm


As we reflect upon MNC after MNC and how they’ve gone about their journeys in India, the three things that strike you immediately are: they play it safe, they prioritize testing the waters profitably from Day 1 over making a long-term commitment with lesser profitability in the early years, and they come with a “this is what we have, take it or leave it” mindset until India teaches them otherwise. And that’s the reason for today’s norm: Innovation at global companies only serves the niche.

And our guest today who’s stormed this norm with his disarmingly simple but insightful take is the Gulbahar Torani, CEO of global company Philips Domestic Appliances. And of course the 5 powerful hacks from Anisha & Narayan that will help you in your innovation journey!