Ep 384: Katherine Hill


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Book Fight


It's been a minute since we had Katherine Hill on the show, but long-time listeners may remember her multiple past appearances, including one in which we discussed Judy Blume's Forever and another in which Mike failed to finish the very long book that Katherine picked. But now she's back, and we're delving into one of her recent favorites, The Copenhagen Trilogy by Tove Ditlevson, a three-part memoir that was recently released in a single hardback edition, to much buzz on the literary internet. We talk about the book's blunt, unsentimental style, and why critics are so keen on putting it into the category of "autofiction." We also rope Katherine into taking a trip with us to the National Novel Writing Month forums, where we try to help writers with their world-building and character naming. You can learn more about Katherine--and her books!--on her website, here: https://www.katherine-hill.com/ If you like the show, for just $5 you can get access to two bonus episodes a month, plus our entire archive: https://www.patreon.com/BookFight For more information about the upcoming one-day Barrelhouse conference (online!), or to register, check out https://www.writersconnectconference.com/