Ep.18 $1.2 Billion! What Really Makes A Successful Business? | Amara Raja Group | Jaikrishna B


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I had the amazing privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Jaikrishna B, President - Group HR from Amara Raja Group and I must say, it was an incredibly inspiring experience.

JK's passion for life and for the Amara Raja Group is genuinely palpable and awe-inspiring. I was deeply moved by the way Amara Raja Group operates and it truly speaks of the kind of people that associate with it and what it takes to run a billion-dollar conglomerate.

We met a day after ARG's 37th Founder's Day at their Karakambadi Campus in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh and I am grateful for this opportunity to have had this conversation with you, JK. You truly represent the ethos of what Amara Raja stands for!

For everyone who's reading this, I am so happy that I get to share this conversation with you... There is Gold in the dialogue shared here.

Here's a snapshot of the highlights of our discussion:

01:26 Is there a need for HR and How has HR evolved over the years?

How can HR contribute to the growth and success of a business?

03:54 About JK's Father

05:33 How does JK deal with pressure as an individual and as a leader?

07:07 Has the trend now shifted towards non-STEM fields and careers?

08:24 What considerations do you keep in mind when making hiring decisions?

What are your criteria for hiring?

09:16 Where does passion come into play?

10:29 About Amara Raja Group Journey & Exploring the Campus

11:50 What should be the soul of any business?

12:15 What set Amaron Batteries apart from its competitors?

13:17 How does Amara Raja Group approach Customer Experience?

13:56 A rather unique pattern that I observed at Amara Raja was the multicolored attire.

What do these colors symbolize?

15:31 What is the Large Scale Interactive Program (LSIP Program) at Amara Raja Group?

15:53 How important is it for people at Amara Raja Group to imbibe values

not just at work but in life as well?

16:24 The amazing anecdote of Andhra Floods and how they handled it?

19:02 Profit and Empathy... How does that play out in a business?

I am confident that you shall find this conversation helpful.

Thank you for joining us.

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Looking forward to meeting more such extraordinary changemakers and bringing their stories to you.

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