Episode 1 - Ring of Truth


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Rewriting Dad

True Crime

This is the debut episode of the Rewriting Dad Podcast with hosts Meg Murphy and Leslie Bradford-Scott. Today's episode is called "Ring of Truth" and Leslie introduces the wild story of her father who, through all the emotional trauma of growing up with him, she learns led an even more unbelievable life as an informant for the DEA, INS, and CIA.Leslie and Meg then continue to a story of how they met, the strange parallelisms between their lives, and how they both unraveled the timeline and context of Claudio's double life.HIGHLIGHTS01:03 Birth of the podcast: Finding Claudio's memoir 05:53 Opening up emotions and Leslie's portrayal 07:58 Leslie meets Meg and planning the podcast11:27 Meg becomes a partner to unravel Claudio's story14:30 Meg's story with her own father, a criminal lawyer20:39 Parallelisms between lives23:26 The mystery of the engagement ringQUOTES04:53 "I read it pretty much day and night for a week. And I went through this incredible emotional rollercoaster then I remember my darling sweet husband. Every night, he sort of would say, okay, what did you learn? And when I closed the last page, I read the last page, I literally broke down. I was inconsolable. I just could not control my emotions."06:47 "I would take the filter, what I remember when I was a kid, and I had these vivid memories of certain situations and certain people that the filing system in my head had to collapse and completely refiled with what he was saying. And I had to ascertain was he BS-ing on us? Is this true? Or does this make sense in the context of what I remember?"08:41 "I thought my father had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for, in maximum-security prison, for trafficking cocaine. However, he was actually working as an informant with the DEA and the CIA. He was smuggling arms. There was fencing of jewelry. And by the way, the story about the $50,000 diamond is incorrect. And that's all. Of all the emails. I didn't even open the manuscript yet. I was like, what are you talking about?!"21:00 "Okay, so we both have these manuscripts. You're dad's the criminal lawyer, my dad's the criminal, you decide to take this, recondition his bike, take this trip through Ireland with a journal and make a documentary film about it called 'Murphy's Law' and, which is a wonderful film, by the way. I just watched it."23:08 "That is an incredible coincidence because you lived there from the years 2010 to 13 and he died in 13 so I was kind of there when you were there. We could've been at the liquor store standing next to each other looking at the wines, right? We shopped at the same grocery stores. Everything was exactly the same. Coffee in the same little coffee shop."23:26 "And then I said to you, huh, where did your ex get that engagement ring he bought you? Now this is a cool [story]. This is weird. He knew nothing about jewelry and he had a friend who was an Italian woman from that area. Her husband worked in politics. And he asked her because she always had big bling jewelry. Do you know a guy? Yeah, so what do I know, I don't know anything about diamonds."23:51 "And she was like, oh my god, I know everything. You know, her dog was named after Chanel or Louis Vuitton or whatever. So he went to this woman's guy. And this guy, I mean, that is the mystery. Did he get, did your ex actually buy your engagement ring from my dad who lived literally a block away and was still selling jewelry."RESOURCEShttps://murphyslawfilm.net/trailer/https://www.instagram.com/rewritingdad/https://www.facebook.com/rewritingdadhttps://www.rewritingdad.ca/Support the show (https://www.rewritingdad.ca/plans-pricing)