Episode 10: Heaven's Gate Cult


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True Crime

TW: Mass suicide, castration, and coercion.    In Episode 10, you will hear the story of Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, and they built the cult, the Heaven's Gate using a mix of biblical teachings and science fiction which led to America's largest mass suicide to date.    Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered (heavensgate.com) Heaven's Gate Exit Statements Before Mass Suicide - YouTube Do's Final Exit - YouTube Heaven’s Gate: The History and Legacy of Marshall Applewhite’s Notorious Doomsday Cult: Amazon.co.uk: Charles River Editors: 9798587053052: Books   Wanna say hi? Email me at nogooddeedspodcast@gmail.com follow me on Twitter @nogooddeeds_pod and on instagram @nogooddeedspodcast  This podcast was researched, written and produced by me, Kimberley Defoe and proof read by Nicky Reynolds.      jPLHaaEdd8MObJHf5UWo