Episode 102


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In Episode 2 we start things off a little differently.  There were some unanswered questions from Episode 1 that left more questions.  Which took us down a rabbit hole of epic proportions.  For the first part of this episode we dive into Athabaskan Folklore, Myths and Traditional Indian Stories dealing with Ravens. If you ar anything like me I'm sure you've just been anxiously awaiting to get versed in the exciting world of Athabaskan folklore.  Feel free to share these stories at parties with friends. or go the extra mile and adopt a raven.  You'll be the talk of the town.  After that informative history lesson it's then time to breakdown episode 2 of Taboo.  "Having made his shock entrance into London society, James Delaney sets about reclaiming his legacy and establishing a new life for himself. While the city views him with hostility and suspicion, James begins to enlist allies in unlikely places and with irregular loyalties.At the reading of his father's will, an unexpected arrival threatens to disrupt his plans, and it is not long before the poisonous nature of his new-found inheritance is finally revealed. Not only must he face down two of the mightiest powers in London, but there are equally complicated matters much closer to home. And then there is his past, which will not be denied." ---Remember, you can send us your emails to talkingtaboopodcast@gmail.com ...   Follow us on Twitter @TalkingTabooPod ...   And Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/TalkingTabooPod/