Episode 125 - Looking For The Perfect Fit


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Those Guys Over There


Fashion is a complicated game for famous people. So how the hell are we supposed to know what to wear? Well we try to figure out what fashion for men in the mid-30's looks like and how we achieve it...and should out wives be helping?We also tackle a reddit post describing "boyfriend dick" and the pros and cons of it.Topic Timestamps:5:30 - Boyfriend Dick22:00 - Bezos 100 million donation31:00 - How to dress as an adultTwitter - www.twitter.com/TGOTpodcastFacebook - www.facebook.com/TGOTpodcastInstagram - www.instagram.com/TGOTpodcastPodchaser - www.podchaser.com/TGOTpodcastDiscord - www.discord.gg/5PN3kNzTheme music can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/flyboicamp/entertain-prod-tony-heat