Episode 18~The Stress Response & Cranio Sacral Therapy


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Moving Beyond Illness, Anxiety & Depression with Christina Bauer

Health & Fitness

In this episode we will be discussing the effects of stress on our systems and the Healing Power of Cranio Sacral Therapy.When we live in the Fight or Flight response to life, cortisol is released in excess in our bodies and depresses the natural serotonin and dopamine hormones in ourbodies. This can have a negative effect on our sleep patterns, energy levels, sex drive, motivation and appetite, as well as our general emotional, physical andmental wellbeing. This, we know, can create Illness, Anxiety, and Depression over a relatively short period of time. Cranio Sacral Therapy can have a powerful effecton reversing the stress response and resetting the central nervous system which governs every system in our bodies.