Episode 2 - Ghosted


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Rewriting Dad

True Crime

This episode of the Rewriting Dad Podcast called "Ghosted" with Meg Murphy Leslie Bradford-Scott starts off where it ended: the mystery of the diamond engagement ring.But with more questions than answers, Leslie decides to track the old farm from her childhood. This farm was Claudio's one regret as he was dying and Leslie was determined to see it again.She was not prepared for what she encountered: rumors of her father's mafia connections and multiple stories of Claudio's ghost appearing before people, including her mother who did not want anything to do with Claudio's memoir at the beginning.HIGHLIGHTS04:15 Claudio's success and entrepreneurship07:22 Memories at the hobby farm13:04 Visiting the farm: Claudio's ghost17:59 Uncovering mafia connections23:00 Leslie's mom's encounter from beyondQUOTES06:42 "And as I went through his story, he is absolutely an entrepreneur and a self-made man. He does not like working for people from the time he was very young. He fancies himself an honest man and doesn't like working for people that he might see as crooked in any way. And yet, he was up to some shady business dealings and sort of justified them through many different means, which is so interesting."14:29 "I have a question for you. So is there any... does this house have any historical reputation from its previous owners? I heard from someone that came by in a golf cart one day that said there was a... it was a doctor's house. Everyone knows it as a doctor's. But prior to that, it was a mafia house."15:35 "Who is the gentleman that's tall and lanky that walks around here with dark hair? A ghost, you mean? Yeah. That would be my dad. Oh my goodness. He's your dad? Really? He's quite content here. Yeah, he is tall and lanky and he had dark hair and yeah, that's right."17:17 "We sit in the car and she turns to me and she says, 'holy shit, did you call those people and tell them to say that?' And I was like, why would you say that? First of all, what are you saying about me? You don't trust me? Second of all, where do you think I got these people's phone numbers? I didn't even have the address."25:13 "So you told me yesterday that you have been seeing some unusual things. Yeah, yeah, peripheral vision. Yeah, I haven't seen it while I'm here. But at home? Yeah, twice. Tell us about what you have seen. Twice. The first time it really shocked me. It was on my left peripheral vision. A mass, a dark mass floating from one doorway to another. And I kind of glanced and see was I dreaming or seeing or what?"25:48 "I'd want to make sure there was nobody there. I thought maybe somebody was in the house. But anyway, that was one instance. And then just about... Saturday was the, yeah, it was about a week ago or more that the right peripheral coming up the stairs to the TV room of a mass from the bathroom to my bedroom. Floated by. Well, it wasn't floating, sort of I could say it almost came to the floor but not touching the floor. There he is. Who? There he is! On the wood!"RESOURCEShttps://www.instagram.com/rewritingdad/https://www.facebook.com/rewritingdadhttps://www.rewritingdad.ca/Support the show (https://www.rewritingdad.ca/plans-pricing)