Episode 3- Part 1: What is stress and how do you manage it?


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The Thought Diaries


In this weeks episode of the Thought Diaries, I discuss with Willie Nicol, Life coach and NLP practitioner, what causes stress and what strategies can be used to manage it.  As well as discussing the benefits of activities such as Gardening and Laughing, we provide some practical tips people can apply to their own life.  Check out my new E-Learning and find out how to manage your stress: https://helix-training-and-consultancy.thinkific.com/courses/understanding-and-managing-stress-in-the-workplace  For enquiries: roxanne@helix-training.co.uk, www.helix-training.co.uk Get in touch with Willie at:  https://www.contentmentlifecoaching.co.uk/