Episode 31: January 13, 2021


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Varsity Letters Podcast


Happy New Year. Our first podcast of 2021 features Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of Schools for West Vancouver, and a lifelong B.C. high school basketball coach. Kennedy's popular blog Culture of Yes is now in its 11th year, and today the Richmond native stops by to engage our provincial audience with everything that the word Optimism means in his eyes as an administrator, educator and coach. Share with us not only his hope for the post-pandemic world and for the role our youth will play in it, but the example our young people are setting in real time for older generations with their spirit of resiliency in the face of adversity. Varsity Letters, Canada's only podcast dedicated solely to the realms of provincial high school and university sports, is available at Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you have a chance through Apple Music, we'd love the opportunity to receive your highest rating, as it helps others discover our work in a crowded landscape. The podcast is produced by Gabriel Lynn, with original theme music courtesy of Chad Joiner and the MEI Screaming Eagles Marching Band of Abbotsford.