Episode 325 - It's-a Me, Chris Pratt


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Nerd Overload


Mama Mia! We return from our two-week hiatus to ramble on about the live-action Cowboy Bebop trailer, Quantic Dreams' rumored Star Wars game, and the recent Nintendo Direct, including the cast of the upcoming Super Mario Bros film by Illumination, as well as general discussions on The Room, embarrassing convention questions, No More Heroes 3, Mars Attacks! LET'S-A GO! We'd like to thank David Pencil for our original intro/outro. You can find more of his work at DavidPencil.com (https://www.davidpencil.com/). Hey! Do you like our logo? Do you also like t-shirts, mugs and other cools stuff? Well now you can get a shirt or mug with our logo on it! Head over to our TeePublic (https://www.teepublic.com/user/nerdoverloadnow) page to check them out!