Episode 4 - Do I Trust Myself?


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Rewriting Dad

True Crime

This episode of the Rewriting Dad Podcast is called "Do I Trust Myself?" with Meg Murphy and Leslie Bradford-Scott. Today they pick up where they left off which was the topic of Uncle Tony, what his life was and more intriguingly, the big mystery surrounding his untimely death. Then they look back on Claudio's success in business, how he outwitted his business rivals until life takes a turn and Claudio gets arrested, prompting an abrupt move to Florida. Here, Leslie lives on her own for the first time and shares her last memories of her brother, Brad.Also, this episode features the story of Pierre, a dashing daredevil who was later revealed to be a French spy.------------------------------HIGHLIGHTS02:01 Remembering Uncle Tony06:26 Leslie's memories with her brother and an attempted abduction16:58 Claudio's sneaky businesses: riding on famous names26:16 Flawed memories: uprooted from Canada to Florida42:25 Edward's story about Pierre, a French spy50:15 Life in Florida: bullies and leaving home55:32 Leslie's last memories of her brother, Brad QUOTES09:23 "It was behind here. So what happened was, here I am, I must have been about 5 or 6 years old. And he grabs me by the arm and he says, come on, we're going. And I'm like, where are we going? And he said we're going to the hand factory. And I'm like, what's the hand factory? He's like, it's where we chop off little girls' hands."20:54  "And everybody knew who that dealership was so they just assumed that they were opening another dealership in a different town. And everybody gave him credit. And they came in and they fixed the whole place up. And then they gave him net 30 terms which he, of course, extended a little bit longer." 27:08 "My mom says, get in the car, we're going to Florida. And they put me in the car with my grandmother and the dog, Bichou, the toy poodle. And we leave and we go to Florida. I don't know where my brother is or my sisters are. I don't know where they are and I don't know where my dad is."40:49 "I know there were a lot of newspaper stories and I remember seeing the newspaper stories about my dad being arrested. People showing it to me. And I remember friends not being allowed to play with me so he had to have been arrested while I was still there. But for me, before I left, maybe there were a couple of things that went on."54:02  "And he said to me, if you don't like the way I'm running my house, then you should not be living under my roof. And if you can't play by my rules, then you should just get out."58:47 "The doctor came in and said, he's braindead so you have to make a family decision about if you're going to pull the plug on him. And that was probably the only family we ever actually made in reality because we all decided that if he couldn't be there the way we knew him to be, that it was better to let him go."------------------------------RESOURCEShttps://www.instagram.com/rewritingdad/https://www.facebook.com/rewritingdadhttps://www.rewritingdad.ca/Support the show (https://www.rewritingdad.ca/plans-pricing)