Episode-5 - Baaghi - RUSTAM- Journey Of A Gangster (Hindi Crime Podcast)


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RUSTAM - Journey Of A Gangster - Audio Web Series


Rustam is full of Crime, Emotion, Drama and Thrill with Romance of his era.This story is about a Gangster Meer Qasim aka “Rustam” who grown in a chawl and he becomes the kingpin of Mumbai's smuggling underworld in the '70s and 80s. Through his influence, Meer Qasim never divides the city among any of gangsters, thus thwarting police efforts to curb illegal activities. Despite being a criminal, Meer Qasim aka “Rustam” is portrayed as a man of principle with a heart of gold and a godfather-like figure to the people. He is also trying to make peace in the city of Mumbai.

Produced by Audio Talkies

Story, Dialogues, Audio Design and Directed

by Tarique Ahmad


Mir Qasim and Raghu Pandit (Anna) - Tarique Ahmad

Shiva - Vikram Sharma

Chandrakant Apte - Anuj Vashisht

Micheal - Mangesh Punekar

 Ashok Kamath- Sahir Khan

Naik - Shashank Shah

This show is a work of fiction, any names, characters, places and incidence are either products of a creator's imagination or used fictitiously for entertainment purposes only any resemblance of actual events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This show does not intend to defame any nation ,state, individual, cast or religion. This show does not promote any form of crime , unlawful activity or superstition, and does not support any form of drug , smoking and drinking. listener's discretion is advised.

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