Episode 8: COVID Edition


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We are back, in a much different world than before. Quarantine is upon us, and we record and broadcast this episode via Zoom and over YouTube.  In this episode, we all discuss how the current Coronavirus situation is effecting us and the world around us, and how we are getting by in a world with no sports. (0:00-31:30) We talk about what we have been watching during this time (Tiger King), reading, and otherwise. (31:30-48:00) we then get into Tom Brady going to the Buccaneers, the effect this has on the EPL and how ironic it is for Liverpool right now.(48:00-1:10) Who do we think would be the champions in each respective league if they had ended? (1:10-1:13) Andy reviews his XFL experience. (1:16-1:24) Random stuff/outro/Jose decides to talk about what he's been watching (Hint: it's the WWE). (1:25-1:32) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sportswave/support