Episode 81 – (John’s) Happy Ending


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Hip and the Lip


The Hip and Lip come roaring back on the eve of….NFL FREE AGENCY!!  Well that got an immediate WGAS from the Hip so the boys prepare all of you for a potpourri of “frauds” from Paul Manafort to NCAA actors to John Tavares!  The Hip gives the Lip the obligatory time to give his Islander update as the Lip reveals the “climax” of the season may just be the John Tavares game (but hopefully not).  The Lip expresses his creeping pessimism about the Islanders due to their mediocre play over the last month as the Hip alludes to the tenuous Islander positioning for the playoffs.  The Hip moves on to express his muted enthusiasm for the upcoming NCAA tournament and the chances of his beloved Wolverines, while the Lip dumps a massive tub of cold water on the tourney by getting into the still unresolved scandal plaguing the NCAA despite the complete lack of coverage.  The Hip references the lull in sports but cannot hide his overwhelming exuberance for the return of the baseball despite the Lip being on a completely different wavelength (Too many HR’s!!).  An early abbreviated preview is capped off with two sleepers from the Hip (No not that Bieber!)  A sprinkle of impending CBA doom, a dash of Giants bashing, a hint of Andre Miller and our dude listeners just might find themselves doing a “double take.”