Episode 9: Robert Hansen


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No Good Deeds - A True Crime Podcast

True Crime

This episode describes events that include kidnapping, rape, gun crime, animal death and murder.    Robert Hansen, dubbed the Butcher Baker by the media is an Alaskan serial killer who is suspected of murdering up to 21 women, most often sex workers. His MO - take them out to the wilderness and hunt them down like wild prey.    The book, Butcher Baker by Genoveva Ortiz played a huge part creating this book so please, if you want to read the full story check it out!   Podcast is researched, written and produced by me, Kimberley. And the script is proof read by Nicky Reynolds.   Any feedback, or case suggestions you can contact me on Instagram  @nogooddeedspodcast, email me at nogooddeedspodcast@gmail.com    I also now have a website www.nogooddeedspodcast.com Go check it out!    Love Kimberley