Farewell Friend, Lyn Koonce, and Jeanie Duncan


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Gate City Live


Episode #73.  This week we travel to Black Rabbit Audio, the home-studio for Farewell Friend, a band that Tom Troyer started a few years ago with music veterans Mark Byerly and Evan Campfield. Here, they discuss and perform two songs from their album Glenwood and Gomorrah: 1) Train Tracks and 2) Whirlwind. It's such a pleasure to listen to this beautiful combination of resonator, guitar, bass, and vocals by Tom Troyer.  Lyn Koonce joined us fresh from Nashville, where she was recording an album with producer Amy Speace. Lyn performs 1) The River, and 2) Eviction. We discuss her personal transformation from a multi-tasking music educator, nonprofit director, and musician - into a person advancing on a path that directly aligns with her personal priorities.  Jeanie Duncan, a organizational development professional, joined us to discuss Destination Stepping Stones, a multi-day program and retreat April 23-26 for mid-career women to take a step back and determine a priority-based path forward. (https://www.destinationsteppingstones.com/) Watch for Lyn Koonce's new album in Spring 2020. (Recorded 1-3-20)