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The boys are back taking calls and fantasizing about Monster Trucks! // Bretts thoughts on Milli Vanilli // Somebody should do another Milli Vanilli // We should give their grammys back // Canceling everyone before the internet // “Not my president” Bryan // Monster truck talk // Only watching stuff where people get hurt // // // 1st caller: Ben from Ithaca calling in to talk about his Starbucks going public in starting a union // Corporate comes in being nice and tries to fix everything // Tried to fix everything while the store is open // Lying in emails to employees // Inspired by Buffalo unionization // People want to work at unionized jobs // Starbucks now hiring patriots // Support the workers and learn more about unionizing your Starbucks by following @SBWorkersUnited or visiting 2nd Caller: Hank from L.A calling in to talk about Mike Rowe // Coed Naked shirts // Fox racing pants // Trying to make your own cable scrambler // Theater kid cosplaying a working class person // Moving to the right for money // Mike Rowe will never have enough // Mike Rowe is Reagan in a baseball cap // Leftist Dirty Jobs // 3rd Caller: Nick from New Zealand calling in to talk about Coronavirus in his country and the bleakness of America // Searching for insurance // Tips for staying healthy // It's kind of a crapshoot // Shower with your groceries // Bryans car authority // Fluid Anxiety // Australian Tea Party // 4th Caller: Goblin calling in to talk about preparing to walk the Goblins Curve. // Bengals Bryan // Generation Hustle // Extreme Travel Scams // Doing in it in the cold // Bryan loves to hear about other people walking // Bryan would walk the Buckeye Trail // Follow their journey on IG @GoblinCurve and @morninhays 5th Caller: Bobby the bartender from Seattle calling in to talk about his experience working in property management. // Seeing the books // Middlemen for landlords // Prices are negotiable // AI Generated prices // Arcade & Theater Apartments // Using your data to find where to buy houses // Free Starbucks and Chipotle // If you want to hear bryans philosophy of Milli Vanilli and dive deeper into even more famous apologies then you should check out our Patreon where you can get access to “I’m Sorry” plus a slew of other series that are updated every week! - Join the chat to talk to us while we record these episodes live every wednesday and sunday at 8pm on Twitch,Youtube & Facebook. Street Fight Radio Twitch - Street Fight Radio Youtube - Street Fight Radio Facebook - Every Sunday at 8pm we do a show where we take calls from y’all. If you want to call in you can reach us at - (614) 655-3887 Music - Bells Of Every Chapel - Sierra Ferrell We love getting free things from y’all! Street Fight Mail - P.O Box 82306 Columbus, OH 43202