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_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "...we need to rely on God to get through times of hurt and pain..." Landrie Connery, Occupational Therapy Student Listen Now Connery_Landrie.mp3 Transcript We are most times unaware of how the different events and decisions affect our outlook on life. I have found that every event throughout my life has changed the way I think,the way I act, how I view life as a whole, and in turn creates my unique philosophy of healthcare. I have experienced brokenness many times during my life, including my parents divorce, death of my grandma and grandpa, best friend, and most recently the death of my boyfriend. There are no words to express the pain or sadness I was feeling, no actions I could take to get them back and no last goodbye, just memories. This experience as well as my other life experiences led me to find my true self, to believe that we need to rely on God to get through times of hurt and pain and never take a single moment for granted. I can use my life experiences and faith in God to help and comfort my patients dealing with different types of pain,problems, or disabilities, so they too can find happiness in this life and faith in God.