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First Choice College Tips Podcast


This episode is sponsored by In this episode James speaks to experienced animator TJ Sullivan. With over 20 years experience Sullivan has worked for Dreamworks, Nickolodeon, Lucas Film Animation. In his spare time he also illustrates the online comic "Going Boldly" ( James asks Sullivan about how he got into the animation industry and most importantly the types of training and tools he recommends for upcoming animators to get a foothold in the business. One of the most common routes of entry into the industry is with an internship. Sullivan offers his advice as well as the "go to" locations for animation work today. He also offers some words of warning on what to avoid when looking at a job in animation. -------- About our Sponsor Online College Planning is dedicated to finding new-innovative solutions to online family college planning. They offer families a guidance and insight to make an informed decisions about their child's academic future. Learn more at