Four Dimensions of Energy and the ADHD Brain Body


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 When we look at the shame, blame and guilt underneath each individual thats every suffered from the many tendencies and symptoms of complications with ADHD, we would be able to remove so much, if not all suffering from this earth. But until that happens, I really want to propose a 4 Dimensional Approach that integrates with our ENERGY and how it applies to the ADHD brain and body.  physicalemotionalheal†henergetic  First lets address the Word “ADHD”, and with no pun, it is VAST - and it is not a disability, nor a label. Dr Hallowell has actually renamed it VAST, or variable attention stimulus trait. Net net, It just means your brain is different and you’re The source of health and happiness is a well within you!  Our subconscious mind has incredible control over our lives regardless of intelligence level, because it is out of our conscious awareness. The key to success is aligning our subconscious mind with our higher superconscious genius mind what we want.  We are rich and complex beings and fragment of the whold, with all parts connected in ways that we often have no awareness of. This is the quantum nature of our entire universe, and we are a part of that. ADHD to VAST INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR BODY  VAST stands for Variable Attention Stimulus Trait - coined by Dr. Ned Hallowell. Oftentimes, individuals with ADHD get caught in their “head.”   There are many tasks throughout the day that require our attention. Attending them requires that we self-regulate and maintain focus, especially difficult with ADHD. Research shows that we all have a limited amount of self-regulation resources and withADHD the supply is even smaller. Think of it as a reservoir that requires refilling throughout the day as we continuously drain our supply. When the reservoir is empty, we have difficulty focusing and coping; our willpower is deleted.  Mindfulness and energetic  interventions can refill the reservoir. If we take mindful pauses during the day, we can keep the reservoir topped off. A mindfulness practice teaches us the skills to recognize when the reservoir is in need of a refill. With a quantum lens, we are multidimensional and not just a brain or a mechanical machine to manage by planners and timers. You  are actually part of the vastly intelligent system of the universe. This organization and intelligence is innate–inborn–in the body, and is transmitted through the nervous system. The nervous system is the master system that controls all the others, transmitting your life force to each and every part of the body – every system, organ, tissue, and cell; and it receives information back from all the parts as well.   The integrity and connectivity of our nervous system is a key factor of your overall health. The nervous system breaks down from too much stress.  Especially for the individual with Executive Function challenges such as ADHD. Enjoy the mini episode - let's go!