From A Drug Runner To A Ganjapreneur


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High On Healthy


Today on High On Healthy Bethany is joined by Peggy Noonan, founder of Copia Infusions and Concentrates. Peggy knows a thing or two about marijuana. She was a drug runner between Mexico and the U.S., before earning her living as a dealer in Arizona. Both stints ended badly, with Noonan serving time in a Mexican jail and slapped with federal probation in Arizona. All that feels like ancient history, says Noonan, who’s among the thousands of “ganjapreneurs” in the burgeoning market for edible marijuana products. Noonan, who grew up in an affluent family on Central Park West in Manhattan, began smuggling marijuana into the U.S. from Mexico after graduating from Arizona State University in the late ’60s. The weed was supplied by “farmers coming down the mountains on donkeys with bales. They dive deep into her upbringing in the cannabis industry and how she went from a drug runner to a "ganjapreneur".