Get Fit with Janice Episode 9


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Fitness expert Janice talks about the ABC’s of Staying Slim with Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. Q is for Quinoa which has more hunger-taming protein and fiber and less carbs than most other whole grains. R is for replacements. Researchers found dieters who drank liquid meal replacements lost just as much weight over 52 weeks as those who used the weight-loss drug Orlistat with regular meals. Don’t take pills. S is for stress. A study shows stressed mice gained more than twice as much weight as a group with the same diet, but no stress. The next time you feel stressed, take an exercise class to relax. T is for tea, the fat-busting benefits of green tea include the release of disease-fighting compounds called catechins. U is for user-friendly -- make sure your diet is a plan you can live with. V is for Vinegar which will cause you to eat less over the whole day. W is for weights -- pumping iron allows you to burn calories faster after a strength training session, as opposed to cardio. X is for Xenical -- the prescription fat blocker is green-lighted by the FDA. Y is for Yoga -- yoga causes you to release tension, so you don’t eat so much. Z is for sleep. Get your Z’s because a study finds if you sleep less than 5 hours, you’ll be heavier than other people who sleep for 7 hours