Good, Great, Perfect - (Ep.53 Robbed)


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Good, Great, Perfect


In this episode, The Crew discusses the recent Pirate Alliance Kizunas Kuja Pirates on Global and O-Lin on JP, finally get the chance to chat about Yamato 6+ and delve into the Seasonal Halloween Legends Boa and Perona! For details about future uploads and if you want to keep up to date with the hosts on the show, please follow our social media; Good, Great, Perfect Socials: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Good, Great, Perfect Podcast discusses all things ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise and beyond and we thank you for watching/listening to this podcast. GGP Crew: - Captain Papi Twitter: - Toadskii Twitter: - Nitemare Twitter: - Flamevious Twitter: - Dylba Twitter: - Joba Twitter: - IamCobby Twitter: #OPTC #TreCru