Good, Great, Perfect - (Ep.54 Two Turns)


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Good, Great, Perfect


In this episode, The Crew discusses TM Legend Sanji on Global, has a chat about the new TM Legend Koala on JP, and talks about another upsetting Super-Evolution on JP being Legend Pudding 6+ For details about future uploads and if you want to keep up to date with the hosts on the show, please follow our social media; Good, Great, Perfect Socials: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Good, Great, Perfect Podcast discusses all things ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise and beyond and we thank you for watching/listening to this podcast. GGP Crew: - Captain Papi Twitter: - Toadskii Twitter: - Nitemare Twitter: - Flamevious Twitter: - Dylba Twitter: - Joba Twitter: - IamCobby Twitter: #OPTC #TreCru