Gotti gets whacked!


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Adam Felber (Nobody Listens to Paula), Susie Felber and I review John Travolta’s bomb, “Gotti” film. Here’s a great article from Deadline about Gotti’s fate as a movie: John Travolta Cries Foul Over “Fake News” Reports On Mafia  Movie ‘Gotti’ EXCLUSIVE: John Travolta told Deadline he is upset that fast-spreading news reports twisted the truth as Lionsgate pulled his upcoming film Gotti off its release calendar 10 days before its bow. He worried the reports marginalized what he considers one of his better performances as the iconic Gambino crime family head John Gotti in the Kevin Connolly-directed film.… The post “Gotti” Film Forgetaboutit, seriously appeared first on Proudly Resents: The cult movie podcast.