Grayson Reed Launches Walk Album


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Family and music are both a way of life for Christian duo Grayson/Reed, and they wouldn’t have it any other way as they have found a certain balance in their lives. Husband and wife duo Molly Reed and Mike Grayson are releasing their new CD “Walk” on Jan. 13, 2017, just shy of their fourth anniversary in February. Molly granted me a telephone interview in early January to talk about “Walk” and other topics. Up until forming Grayson/Reed recently, Mike and Molly worked in separate musical careers. Mike was lead singer for MIKESCHAIR for 13 years, where he released three full-length albums and five Top 5 radio singles. Molly was a member of duo City Harbor and is a popular songwriter, having penned hits for a variety of crooners from Marie Osmond to Amy Grant to Francesca Battistelli. They have a 2-year-old daughter, Grailey. Molly said that she and her husband had wanted to do music together but did not know how or when it would happen. When they were pregnant, they didn’t wan to be separated by their careers so they took a leap of faith and trusted the Lord with their future. That led to the Grayson/Reed duo. “It’s been incredible, just getting to do music together as husband and wife,” Molly said. They drew from a deep well of family experience to write “Fight For You,” one of the six titles on “Walk.” Some inspiration also came from a video of Eugene Peterson and Bono talking about an alleged lack of authenticity in Christian music, according to a Grayson/Reed press release. The song draws from the couple’s marriage and fighting through the hard times that come with any relationship, Molly said. Modern culture presents a distorted view of love in which it’s OK to run away when a relationship becomes difficult, Molly said in the press release. “But the reality of love and a God-ordained marriage is you fight through those moments together, and you fight for that person and for their heart,” she said. Response for “Fight For You” has been great. She said one person said they were leaving their spouse, driving away, when the song played, and they changed their mind. Another said it would be the first song at their wedding. The title track, “Walk,” is a sassy, stimulating vocal that talks about how Christians must walk the walk in their faith, or “living out what I speak about … a little more action,” the song states. Molly was quick to point to the track “Bloom,” which was written for their daughter, to tell her to pray and always rely on God and know He’s there. The song talks about how the world will try to break you, but urges you to not let the world steal your hope. Molly also said she is grateful for the duo’s fans. “Thank you to anybody who checks us out,” she said. The website is There is information about their tour and links to social media.