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Intro[Upbeat Intro Music]00:09 Topher: I’ve spent the last 12 years building websites for people that looked great, but didn’t sell. That changes today as I take you on my journey learning from the best sales and marketing people in the world. I’m Topher Fangio, and this is the How 2 Funnel Podcast.[Music Fades Out]00:25 Topher: What's up everybody. Topher here from How 2 Funnel. Today talking about the One Funnel Away Challenge, Mission One. Which we are starting out this week, so last week was all the pre training. Today is the actual first mission and I'm super excited.Today and this whole week is actually about offer hacking and today specifically is about getting ideas. Like where do you get ideas from. And the videos today were really great. I'm excited about this because it really takes you from having nothing to being able to figure out what you need to sell, what you want to sell.So maybe you have an idea maybe you've already got a product that's great. If you don't though, there are a lot of ways that you can go about figuring out something to sell. And maybe you have this general idea of what you want to sell. But this week is really about taking that idea and turning it into an actual offer; something that you can sell to people.Product. Market. Niche.01:25 Topher: So a couple of things about this. The worksheet was really great, I think; it talked about three specific things.Number one is you know what is your product? Write it out. OK that's cool. Easy to do.Second question what core market does your idea fall into? And as Russell said there's only three core markets. Now I think that there's actually a fourth one I want to talk to you guys about it, but I'm going to save that to the end. Alright. So keep listening if you want to hear what I think the fourth one is.But the ones that Russell talks about are health, wealth, and relationships.Anytime you're selling a product you're selling one of these three things. And he goes into a couple of examples of this like: well if you're selling this product what does that fall into? If you're selling this product, informational product, you know what does that fit into? Well, it's probably about relationships. So it's it's really easy to break down exactly what you're selling and try and figure out which one of those three core categories it falls into. I think a lot of us are probably going to be in the wealth space and if you're doing well, you're probably talking about like information products. How can people learn from you to make more money? That's probably a pretty common one.02:38 Topher: If you're doing supplements, you're probably doing health. So that's cool.The third question is what submarket niche does your idea fit into. So the markets are health wealth and relationships. But when you're selling something you can't just sell to everybody in the health market. You've got to really laser focus and target the people that you really want to sell to. These people need to have money to buy from you.So that's really important. So that's one of the things that we talked about. But finding out what you're submarket niche is, is incredibly important. So say you're selling supplements. Well you don't want to just sell supplements to everybody. You need to figure out who your supplement serves and why they need to buy from you. And so like maybe you're selling supplements for neuropathy pain. Maybe you're selling a specific supplement that helps with back pain or knee pain like joint pain stuff like that. Maybe there's a disease and you know that your supplement can help with the side effects or the symptoms of that disease.So go figure out what your specific niche is. For me I think this is gonna be funnel hacking, ClickFunnels, online marketing; that's kind of my niche and I'm trying to narrow it down even further than that. I've got some ideas. I'll tell you guys about those later.But so mine are like: What is my product? Lessons and resources for becoming a funnel hacker. What core market does that serve? Wealth. If you're building these you want to be making money. Or it may actually be like you're wanting to increase your non-profit. Sure it maybe is not exactly about money, but you're wanting to grow in business. And then like the submarket I just told about, like ClickFunnels, funnel hacking, like that's my specific submarket. And I think I can do even more laser focused than that. Alright. So that was part of the worksheet.Do Your Homework!04:33 Topher: Then we get into all of the other things. So Stephen's coaching. Man I love Stephen. I hope you guys do too. Stephen, if you're listening man: love you. Appreciate it.Funnel hacking is really about finding the offer. OK so going out and figure out what is selling right now and how is it selling and how can I sell that too. And he like screams this is like, "Do your homework!" That's all this is: go out and do your homework. Because that is how you're going to win.You've got to go out and find what he calls the bloody red market. This is the market that is selling. This is the market where all of the money is at. That's what you've got to go out and do.And so I love this one because they actually gives really practical examples of how you can do this. And the homework for this one is to sit down and look at Facebook ads and figure out kind of like how they're selling. And what they're selling and things like that. But there's a lot of ways.You can use Facebook. You can use like Click Bank to see what ads are being run where and like which ones are successful. You can also use a site called Similar Web to find out...like...you go type in any company and they'll tell you, like where the traffic is coming from, like where they're running ads, where they're generating  most of their leads from and stuff like that. So that's great.If you can't find them on there though like somebody else like well what do I do if I can't find them on ClickBank or Similar Web? Use Google! Like figure it out!That's your job is to go out and figure out how these people are making money and to funnel hack them. Maybe it's not even Google maybe it's not digital at all. Maybe it's magazines. So maybe you can go look at the last year's worth of magazines and see what ads are always running in those magazines.And then like look across lots of magazines right all in the same industry all in the same genre. And figure out OK this ad was running in eight different magazines in November. And it's still running in December and January and February. And. So maybe this is an ad that we need to look at. Maybe it's...it's got to be selling well. Otherwise they would take it out of the magazines.So try and think out of the box on this one but do your homework go find the bloody red market.Who is Worthy of Homework?06:55 Topher: How can I tell if someone is successful. Well, first off, they're probably running ads. If they're not running ads that means that they haven't figured out how to get the ads to generate revenue which means they probably have something wrong with their funnel. Another good indicator is that they have a big following. If somebody doesn't have a good following you don't want to funnel hack them. They don't know what they're doing.Maybe they do know what they're doing but they're just not there yet. That's fine whatever. But you don't want to funnel hack them because you know...or You don't know if they know what they're doing. If they have a big following. Obviously they are doing something.So that's who you should funnel hack.What Does Your Customer Want?07:36 Topher: Stephen went on with this great story about Trey Lewellen. He sold these little widgets online. And he would watch people as they went to the site to buy. Like there's like heat maps you can see where their cursor is, where their mouse is, and stuff like that. What they're typing things like that. To try and figure out what your customers are doing.So he would sit there and he would watch them! And he would watch them fill out the form and he would watch them like hover over the buy button but never click it. He's like, "What the heck is going on?!" But he got their phone number in the previous form so he would like call them on the phone. "Hey...saw that you tried to buy this but you didn't like what happened? Like why didn't you actually make a purchase?".And they would be like oh well this is really awesome. I thought my brother could use it too. But like I didn't see a way to buy two of them. So I'm gonna go talk to him and try and figure it out and stuff. It's like oh you wanted two of them? OK sure. Yeah. I guess I can do that.And so he made a way, he made an option to buy two of them and it started selling. Like lots of people bought it. He's like well, I wonder how far I could push this...like so let's try three...and then four...and then five...and then 10 and then like 100 right! And he sold all of these things because he watched what the user did and what they were needing. What problems they ran into and he found solutions to those problems.So this is business and marketing design. It works for every business. Let's say you do a service oriented business. Go find someone who is doing that service well, and model them.So say you're like doing lawn care. So go out and find someone who's already being really successful at lawn care and figure out who their clients are, who they're serving, what the offer is that they're giving them. That offer is the thing that is solving the problems and that's why it sells well. What it means is this person has figured out what all of the problems are and given their buyers their customers a solution to those problems.So I'm just going to kind of go off the cuff here but like say you're doing lawn care. And maybe you have a service. You go out and you mow lawns for $35. And it's doing okay but it's not like making you tons of money. Well who else is doing things in the lawn care industry in your area. Maybe you can go learn from them.Maybe they're working for businesses and they're charging $500 bucks to go mow the lawn. Maybe that's working for them. If that's not working for them maybe they're serving multiple ways...maybe they're serving their customers in multiple ways. So maybe they also do tree trimming; maybe they also do like seeding and chemicals for your lawn. Maybe they do, like you know, clean up, and like trash removal.Like what services are they offering? Because that's going to be the thing that helps you. So you're going to want to offer similar services probably at similar price points if you want to compete with them. But you can also go in and add value to your offer to make it even more lucrative and then you can increase your price a little bit.Okay so that's the key thing here. What are people buying? And how can you sell that and give them an offer?Funnel Hacking Facebook Ads10:41 Topher: Man...so this was all really great stuff. One of the pieces of the homework for this was to go out and actually look at a bunch of ads. So we're just going through like 10 ads on Facebook go like find somebody that was doing really well on Facebook; go see what ads they're running.It's really easy; like you click on the page and then on the left side there's like an ads and info banner, info and ads, or some like that. You click on that and you can see what ads that Facebook page is running. So it's really easy to see what things are working like if they're running ads, those ads are probably working.I don't think you can see... you used to be able to see like how long the ads have been running a stuff like that you can't see that anymore. But this still gives you a pretty good idea and you can go in and look at this like go in every week. Did I see this ad last week? Yeah I did. OK maybe that one worked. Maybe you can even go through and like pick like 10 people or whatever and just like screenshot all of their ads and then see how they change week to week. Something like that.But the idea behind this was we wanted to look for the three things that are essential for selling: that's the hook, the story, and the offer. So we're supposed to go through everything one of these ads that we find. Ideally in our niche. We're going to go through and figure out what the hook, the story, and the offer was.So I'm just going to give you guys a couple of examples of these because I thought there were really great. So one of them, the hook is: there's video of these guys and they're standing in front of a Tesla. If you don't know what a Tesla is. First off where have you been? Secondly it's an awesome, very expensive car that most people can't afford. So if you see one of these in a video, obviously you're gonna go oh hey those guys must be rich. Maybe I want to listen to them because we all want to listen to rich people because they're probably telling us how we can be like them, how we can get rich.And that was the story. Like hey we've worked with lots of clients and we know what's working and what isn't working in the ad space. And so that was their story. Like here's how we've made money.The offer was for seven dollars a month, we'll share this with you. Click this button and you'll be part of our membership program for $7 a month. Obviously if you click the button you go through and there's an order bump: for $22, we'll show you our six step process for seven figure ads that we've run. Then you can get the training and download this and yada yada yada. You go through and they give you more stuff to offer. That's how this works.And so Russell encourages us to go through a couple of these funnels; at least one or two and actually buy the product and see what they were selling. So that's what I did. But I want to share with you guys just a couple more of these things.So one of the ones that ClickFunnels themselves are running. I really liked. It's actually a video of this drunk guy and you're like wait what. Like you don't ever see videos of drunk people on Facebook almost because it's just not something that pops up very often at least not in my feed. Maybe that pops up in your...I don't know. Depends on what you're doing on the weekend I guess.But there's drunk like high school dropout and it says, "Drunk high school dropout reads one book and like makes millions of dollars!" Right. And so you're watching this video and he's like seriously saying, "Yeah I'm drunk right now..". And he's standing in front of this house that looks beautiful. And it's in the background. He's like Yeah. And I read this one book and y'all this one boLike I'd built one funnel and it made me $2.2 million dollars. And like this house behind me is like $2.2 million dollars. This is my house now because this has made me so much money you know yada yada yada.OK so that was the story. And then the offer for that was click the button and I'll buy you the same boRight. So that you can go out and make that kind of money too. I thought that was really great.Another one, so this was not in my niche but I thought it was really great. This one was actually for like a curling iron. And so the hook is, "Break up with bad hair days". And it's got this video of this woman doing her hair; and I love this one. And I wanted to mention it to you guys because it kind of doesn't follow the standards that you see with a lot of videos, but it's just this woman and there's a little bit of music in the background and there's no narration...there's no voice. There's nothing ok but it still tells a story. And I want you guys to realize that that you can absolutely do this. You can still tell a story even without any words. And it shows this woman like she's got straight plain kind of boring hair and she uses the curling iron and she curls her hair and in like 30 seconds she goes from having this boring ugly hair to beautiful, bountiful, curled hair. And then the offer is: Shop now. Go buy your own curling iron so that you can have beautiful hair. I loved that: hook, story, offer; and even a story without words can even be done.Alright. So I thought those were all really cool. I wanted to share a couple of those with you guys.The Fourth Market?15:21 Topher: Last thing: I told you at the beginning that I had another idea about a specific market. So we talked about the three markets are: health, wealth, and relationships. I kind of think that there's one more market I wanted to throw it out there, get y'all's comments to see what you thought. I feel like there is another market for entertainment and maybe it falls into one of those other three but I just can't wrap my head around that like I feel like entertainment is almost its own market. And I just wanted to see what you guys think about that.So leave comments, hit me up on Facebook; definitely go check out the Facebook page. Please like it, share it with your friends. That'll help me out a lot.Go get subscribed to the podcast and if you guys can write a review on like iTunes or Spotify or wherever you guys are listening that also makes a huge difference. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys for listening. Have a fantastic night.[Upbeat Outro Music]16:17 Topher: If you liked this episode of the How 2 Funnel Podcast, get subscribed; checkout my website how2funnel.com for more info and join our How 2 Funnel Community on Facebook so you can tag along on this incredible journey with me.[Music Fades Out]