Hackathons, a brief introduction and why everyone should attend at least one | a Faster Horses short


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Faster Horses | A UX and UI Podcast


A short podcast about hackathons and my personal experiences, attending, organising and judging them.Hackathons are generally techno-creative events where delegates form teams in a physical location (Richterich, 2017) to solve a problem statement or brief defined by the organisers. Hackathons are generally competitive, with teams competing under the confines of limited time pressures for incentives such as prizes (Richterich, 2017).The conventional aim of a hackathon is for teams, or individuals, to practice collaborative software development. The first time the term 'hackathon' was used to describe an event gathering volunteers software developers working together on an open-source operating system, OpenBSD, in 1999 (Richterich, 2017).This episodes resources:https://www.hackathon.io/events (not hack.io – sorry).https://angelhack.comSpecial guest Niomi Wilshaw.Music by James Medd and artwork by Nick Tomlinson.For careers at Blue Prism, https://www.blueprism.com/who-we-are/culture-and-careers/