Heat 3 Beat the Frog World Series 21/10/19


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Beat the Frog World Series Podcast


The thirdheat of the Beat the Frog World Series Competition held on 21/10/19 at the world famous Frog and Bucket Comedy Club in Manchester, UK.Hosted by the hilarious MC; Dan Nightingaleand featuring these breakthrough acts vying to survive five minutes onstage and make it through to the Grand Final in November:Umby WintersConnor BurnsOmar AbidL J FrancisRou StellinAmy WebberEvaldas KarosasLiam TuffyPete PhillipsAlex Stringer(The recording cut out before the clap off, this weeks winners were: Amy Webber & Evaldas Karosas) Fancy having a go you can sign up at www.beatthefrog.comCheckout all our shows at www.frogandbucket.com