How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Stress Through Spiritual Self-Care


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Ideas That Shape The World


In this week’s episode, we are in the ‘Stress Relief & Strategy’ series. Denise Sumbry, Reiki Master, and Chief Energy Officer will be sharing 5 ways to relieve stress and practice spiritual self-care.www.IdeasThatShapeTheWorld.comShownotes00:45: Introduction to Denise Sumbry9:50: How to just process everything that happened?12:29: How to check your feelings and emotions?17:22: Learn how to be really patient with yourself17:33: Try not to be too much in your headspace about what you are feeling22:14: How can someone work through spiritual things when their life and beliefs have been shaken?24:25: What are rituals?31:57: How to set your intention for the day?41:18: Myths regarding crystals and sage51:41: How to contact Denise