058 Identify Your Blindspots to Create Career Success – Gregory Gray


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Gregory Gray is a business advisor and executive coach based out of Nashville. Through his blog, podcast and consulting service Business Owner Freedom, he aims to provide his clients with the clarity they need to maximize their professional and personal success. For Greg, a successful entrepreneurial career requires a clear vision and the courage to be yourself. In this episode, Greg discusses why every career needs a vision, how to seek out and eliminate our professional blind spots, and why enjoying your journey should be the most important part of your career. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (1:53) - What exactly is an executive coach and how Greg found his calling in that role. (3:06) - The similarities between people who find success in the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world. (3:49) - What traits Greg feels constitute “self-leadership.” (5:43) - The importance of crafting a “vision story” for yourself before setting out on your own. (10:06) - Why Greg went into insurance and what he would have done differently if he could do things over. (13:13) - Tools and tactics for figuring out what your blind spots are and how to address them. (17:12) - The benefits of talking your plan over with friends, family and other supporters before launching your solo business. (20:24) - The most difficult part of Greg’s journey from corporate life to where he is today and how authenticity helped with these struggles. (26:16) - Why the entrepreneurial life has been so beneficial for Greg and his family. (30:02) - The first step anyone looking to break out of the corporate world should take. (31:04) - Greg plays Rapid Fire and names his No. 1—or is it No. 42?—historical figure to have a drink with. TWEETABLES: “We’re really focused on providing clarity for them and an introspective view of their own life.” “Those that are truly successful have a handle on who they are and who they should be.” “The only reality we have is today.” “You need to really lay out a path that matches the lifestyle you want.” “I think half the battle is the communication process.” “Our very first stumbling block, typically, is ourselves.” Guest Resources: Business Owner Freedom - https://www.businessownerfreedom.com/ Gregory’s homepage - https://www.gregorygray.com/ Business Owner Freedom podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/business-owner-freedom/id1439524206?mt=2 Resources: Website - https://www.nickjmurphy.com Buy Unboxed - https://www.nickjmurphy.com/unboxedbook Get the Unboxed audiobook for free - https://www.nickjmurphy.com/unboxedbook/audiobook/ Podigy - https://podigy.co/ Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickmurphy Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nick_j_murphy Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/njmstrategy/ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/nick_j_murphy