Identity: A Journey to Discover Your True Self • Part I, May 16, 2021


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Messages - The Rock Church in Squamish, BC

Religion & Spirituality

Pastor Glenn begins a new 3-Week Mini-Series this Sunday titled, ‘Identity, A Journey to Discover Your True Self'. Join us as we learn from God's Word who we truly are as mean and women created in the image of God about the meaning and purpose of our lives! SPECIAL NOTE: There were some technical problems with the video and audio of this message starting at the 4:00 minute mark. The video glitch improves at about 5:40. Pastor Glenn asked that his notes be added here so that we hear this important part of the introduction to this series of the audio that is lost. "In fact, as I’ve been thinking about those men and women who are represented by the list of consonants LGBTQ+, those who believe that these represent their true identity, I feel we should all be much more understanding of this point at least. They collectively are very clear examples of all of us who are struggling with our identities. It’s part of the human condition it seems to be unsure and therefore constantly exploring who we truly are."