I'm Not an Entrepreneur, I'm a Business Owner - Maher Khalil


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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Sudbury Stories- your feel-good news of Sudbury! Today, David Kurt is joined by Maher Khalil! You might know him from around town with being an owner/operator in the bar business! In the past 14 years in Sudbury, he has owned and operated 12 different businesses!  He grew up in Syria and immigrated to Ottawa in 1987; eventually making his way to Sudbury in 2005. He is most known for owning the SRO downtown Sudbury and his involvement in many charities and community events within Sudbury! In this episode, Maher tells David about how he handles having a large number of employees, partnerships, what his routine is like,  what he is most proud of with the SRO and Sudbury's charm! Thank you for all the continued and growing support! Please give us a like, share and subscribe!