Interview with Tori Ford


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Gen Z with Mackenzie


Hey Gen Zers, today I'm joined by Tori Ford, the Founder of Medical Herstory, an award-winning, international, youth-led non-profit advancing gender health equity through storytelling and undoing stigma. Medical Herstory envisions a world where every woman has bodily autonomy and equal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare – free of sexism, shame or stigma. Through her online publication, workshops, and diverse events, Tori empowers young women to advocate for themselves within healthcare; she normalises conversations about sexual health; and she works towards transforming gender norms. She is a 23-year old outspoken sexual health advocate who oversees a team of 40 volunteers across 5 countries and 12 universities. Tori completed her BA in Gender Studies at McGill University and holds an MPhil in Health, Medicine, and Society from the University of Cambridge. Her projects and speeches have reached over 1,000 people and been featured by CBC, the Cambridge Hub, Dragonroot Media, Quebec AM, and the McGill Tribune. Tori has been recognized by the University of Cambridge’s Vice Chancellor’s Social Impact Award and McGill University’s Scarlet Key award for her enduring women’s health advocacy.