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Rim and AB


Quick update: We sold out.The long version: We're back to podcasting regularly about topics other than The Bachelor...just not on this feed. Our new show, More Rim and AB!, is available at Episodes release every Friday, barring any unexpected hair tourniquet emergencies, and you can listen on most major podcast players other than Spotify. Your subscription also includes access to the full archive of the episodes in this feed.If you're a longtime listener of the old Rimcast, you should expect a (hopefully) improved version of that with the same quality (?) banter and chemistry, but more consistently and with actual preparation.Please feel no obligation whatsoever to support this endeavor. The early Rimcast listeners made this so fun for us, and you're the reason we kept going. For that, we are indebted to you.Talk to you guys later, thanks for listening.(We've never done a trailer before, so go easy on us.) See for privacy and opt-out information.