It's Ok To Burn Some Books


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The boys are back discussing how cool it could be to burn books! // Public apologies never feel genuine and never work // I’m sorry you were offended // Bryans phone bill update // No Impossible burgers for kids // Have it your way // Cheeseburger Utopia // Pastor Greg Locke - You Will BURN! - Masons, Witches & Warlock’s Hear Me Clearly - // He does everything I hate // Buster brown bryan bucko // Saying what needs to be said // Opening a lid to hell is job security // Delivering deliverance // Jesus was 50/50 // Masons jack each other off in the dark according to Brett // Leave that blasphemy in the pastemy // I am skippy // Steamrolling cd’s // A big fire is tight // Wicked crazy sorcery // Be prepared to be called hitler // We been burning stuff // It’s ok to burn books that don’t mean anything // Christians vs Firefighters // Inviting demons by burning sorcery books // Show up and play Ouija // PPV book burning // Jumpin Jeff Farmer // Blowin money on fines // Hemi of deliverance // Mason to mason immunity // The “I’m over it guy” // Wholesome christian orgies // Too flips of a wooden nickel // Coffee to police nazis // If you want to hear Bryan go deeper into the lives of even more mega pastors then you should check out our Patreon where you can get access to “Holy Boyz” plus a slew of other series that are updated every week! - Join the chat to talk to us while we record these episodes live every wednesday and sunday at 8pm on Twitch,Youtube & Facebook. Street Fight Radio Twitch - Street Fight Radio Youtube - Street Fight Radio Facebook - Every Sunday at 8pm we do a show where we take calls from y’all. If you want to call in you can reach us at - (614) 655-3887 We love getting free things from y’all! Street Fight Mail - P.O Box 82306 Columbus, OH 43202