Jesus Did Not Come to Preach Social Justice


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Greg discusses why social justice was not Jesus’ purpose and whether Christians force their religious morality on others, then he answers a question about female pastors.   Topics: Commentary: Jesus did not come to preach social justice. (05:00) Commentary: Do Christians wrongly legislate morality? (33:00) What is your view on female pastors? (49:00) Mentioned on the Show:  Reality Student Apologetics Conference – September 24–25 in Orange County, CA; October 15–16 in Seattle, WA; November 12–13 in Minneapolis, MN; February 25–26, 2022 in Dallas, TX; April 22–23, 2022 in Augusta, GA Interview: Alisa Childers on Progressive Christianity Red Pen Logic Related Links: Was Jesus a Social Justice Warrior? Is Your Christianity Merely a Means to a Social Justice End? Red Pen Logic: Should Religious People Legislate Their Beliefs? Should Christians Impose Their Moral Standards on Society? Should Women Teach in Church?