Latin Pulse: 11.05.2016


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Latin Pulse

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This special edition of Latin Pulse includes a different perspective on the presidential elections in the U.S.: a view from Cuba.  A Cuban professor discusses how the elections could have an impact on the warming relations between the two countries.  The program also discusses the rise of English as a mandated second language in South America and how that could reflect cultural imperialism. The news segment of the program covers the negotiations between opposition parties in Venezuela and the president to avert further protests and a move by the National Assembly to hold an impeachment trial.The program includes interviews with:Santiago Perez Benitez of the University of Havana & the Cuban Center for International Political Research (CIPI); andDJ Kaiser of Webster University.Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell; andAssociate Producer: Jim Singer. (To download or stream this podcast, click here.)   (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 42 MB.) podcastnewsLatin AmericapoliticsBrazilVenezuelaCubadiplomacyeducationUruguayThe VaticanNicolas MaduroArgentinaParaguayPeruPope FrancisNicolas MaduroNational AssemblyUnited StatesembargoelectionsreparationsGuantanamoimmigrationBarack ObamaHillary ClintonU.S. CongresscomputersDonald TrumpinternetTed CruzMarco Rubiocultural imperialismindigenous languagesindigenous issuesGuaranitourismbusinesstechnologylinguistics