LAUNCH! Ep 2: Standing Out as a Podcaster


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Is the fear of not standing out stopping you from launching your podcast? This is something I’ve seen come up time and time again with people who want to start a podcast. If this is a roadblock you’ve been facing, you aren’t alone.  In this episode, I am talking about how this thought can get in the way and how you can stand out from the crowd as a podcaster.    What’s in this episode: One of the biggest roadblocks that podcasters face Mental hurdles to overcome when you’re starting your podcast What will make you stand out as a podcaster A FREE assessment you can download today!   For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to Thinking of starting a podcast? Take my assessment today and start your journey at   Connect with me on Instagram @wildhomepodcasting for podcasting insights and tips. Need support and accountability? Join my new Facebook group! See you in the next episode!