LAUNCH! Ep 3: When It’s Messy


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Whenever you come up with a new idea, a mess will likely ensue. From my current home renovations to my years as a podcaster and entrepreneur, I know from experience that new projects tend to make things a little messy. Messy is a good thing because it means you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and going after something you’ve dreamed of, such as the launch of your podcast. In this episode, I am sharing my experience with things “getting messy” and the 3 phases of launching. This episode is a reminder that you CAN launch your podcast no matter how messy or daunting it may seem.  What’s in this episode: How launching your podcast can be messy The 3 phases of launching  How I can support your podcast launch   For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to Start your podcasting journey today! Grab your FREE Podcast Launch Pad at and connect with me on Instagram @wildhomepodcasting for podcasting insights and tips. Need support and accountability? Join my new Facebook group! See you in the next episode!