Law Talk: Consumer Rights (2/1/20)


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Law Talk


We returned to one of our most popular topics, Consumer Rights, and in particular, fraud or misconduct by new and used car dealers, repair shops, lenders, etc.  Our guest was Atty. Dan Blinn of Consumer Law Group in Rocky Hill, Ct.   We covered many issues “to watch out for,”  and provided listeners information about what to do if any of these issues “happened” to them.  Numerous listener calls include: a man bought a new car, which-- it turned out-- was really nearly a year old and only had about 2 years left on the 3 year warranty the day he drove it off the dealer’s lot; a lady had problems with a new car lease, especially because she was “over the mileage limit” on her previous lease; someone wanted to know whether it’s better to buy or to lease?