Law Talk: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (2/15/20)


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Law Talk


Atty. Matthew Hallisey of Matthew Hallisey Government Relations, LLC and Attorney Stephen Lattanzio, Principal Attorney at the Connecticut Department of Labor.Steve is an expert on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace.  We covered a lot of the unusual (and unexpected) issues which accompany this topic – issues which affect employers, employees, and prospective employees.  With the disconnect between the Federal Government (which still considers Marijuana of all kinds to be a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance , like Heroin and PCP, for example) and the State laws permitting its usage, there are a lot of issues to watch out for.  And there are now over 40,000 “qualified users” of medical weed in Connecticut alone.  Listener calls included questions about farming hemp and the extent to which the State regulates that; and about medical weed and a CDL truck driving license – which can be a really big issue for a driver and his employer